Online Casino : Best Canadian casino sites for 2013

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Canadian Online Casino Reviews – detailed and accurate

Specifically we have in the past sought out some online casinos that stand out positively through security, an attractive game selection and fairness for the online player. All these top vendors were tested by ourselves – from design and safety. Various criteria for these reviews play a role, and, above all, clearly moved the online advantages and disadvantages in the foreground are made clear. Finally, you should be informed so that you know exactly when online players what to expect in the one or the other at this casino portal about safety. Finally, exciting casino games are not always the measure of all things – especially not when the payout odds for players are in the basement or an online casino is across the granting of payouts of jackpots to the players. Security and all these things can be found in the extensive and detailed test reports. Moreover, we present interesting for you the best promotions and jackpot features that each online match can clearly score.

Choosing the right Casino sites

  1. Which software does the online casino use? – Microgaming, Playtech, Cryptologic, Net Entertainment and Real Time Gaming are among the best known and most respected providers. Some casinos, including Playtech for example, have developed their own software and can build a solid reputation. Reputable online casino software platforms are regularly reviewed by third parties and independent auditors. The auditors check in particular the random number generator to ensure that everything goes fair & safe from equip. Also, the payout rate and other elements are tested for heart and kidney.
  2. Which bank and payment methods are offered? – Find out what deposit and withdrawal methods are available, check the daily and weekly withdrawal limits are perhaps hidden in the small print – this does not hide reputable online casinos. Make sure that the online casino encrypts all data and financial transactions. If you are not sure please contact recognized provider of encryption software, such as VeriSign.
  3. Does the online casino a responsive customer service? – To accept a service which solves your problems, and this also satisfactory for you. Good online casinos have a customer service hotline telephone or live chat, in most cases, even around the clock 24 / 7th
  4. Are the bonuses and promotions described in the small print? – The ads for promotions are always shown very clearly, but how it looks with the conditions linked to it? Every online casino that is worth a damn, this should provide clear and concise and therefore no practice openness and secrecy. Important are clear descriptions of the wagering requirements, the games available for the implementation of the bonus amount, etc.
  5. What games are available? – Provides the online casino a number of games to interest you? Again, there is much to explore and check, for example, there are different blackjack variations which provide variety? Is it integrated interactive games or chat? Are there any mini games and instant win games? Can you play the games in play money or demo mode? Finally, the games are available both as a downloadable online casino software package or version of Flash?

Always the latest info

New news you can certainly not hurt – especially not when it additional benefits such as new exclusive offers shown. With our guide you’re always up to date and always know about the latest events, jackpots at slot machines and casino games in the virtual world know.